In 2010, Will and Ross, a true pair of Minnesota twins, were in college at Georgetown and the University of Wisconsin. Regularly active, the brothers were tired of snacking on dried out nutrition bars that all seemed to taste the same and come loaded with complicated ingredients. Fresh Bar was their solution. Born out of the notion that snack bars should be made to eat, not to last, Fresh Bar is baked with simple, easy-to-pronounce ingredients and preserved solely with refrigeration.

In 2012, Will and Ross were joined by three of their childhood friends, Austin Hinkle, Mike Steffan and Tom Johnson. For the next three years, the quintet baked the bars in a small, community kitchen in North Minneapolis and delivered them to local chains and food co-ops.

Now baking Fresh Bar out of their own facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Five Friends plan to share their one-of-a-kind snack bar across the entire country.