What makes Fresh Bar different?

Most shelf stable bars are dehydrated or include preservatives, which makes them last months or even years! These longer shelf lives allow manufacturers to produce bars in big, industrial batches and sell them off over time. Fresh Bar, on the other hand, is baked using only simple ingredients you might find in your very own kitchen! Afterwards, we refrigerate the bars to maintain freshness. Fresh Bar’s delicious taste and soft texture are unlike any other.

Is Fresh Bar good for me?

You bet! In a grocery market dominated by processed foods and false claims, Fresh Bar bucks the trend. We offer a snack that’s baked with ingredients you can pronounce. Each bar contains roughly twenty grams of whole grains, four grams of fiber, and eight grams of protein, with sugars from natural sources like fruit or honey. Fresh Bar is a wholesome snack that will keep you satiated and energized.

Is Fresh Bar gluten-free?

Yes! Fresh Bar fulfills the FDA’s requirements for gluten-free status. According to the FDA, for a food to be considered gluten-free it must contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten. Fresh Bar contains fewer than 10 parts per million.

So snack away, gluten-free friends!

Can I buy Fresh Bar online? 

You can! Fresh Bar is now accepting orders to anywhere in the US via our website at eatfreshbar.com/buy-online.

What are your shipping restrictions?

1. Fresh Bar is meant to be stored cold, so all orders will be shipped to arrive within two days.

2. Fresh Bar MUST be refrigerated or frozen upon receipt. If you cannot be home to receive the bars at the time of delivery, we suggest having them shipped to your work address, or to a family member, friend, or neighbor who can place your items into the fridge or freezer promptly upon arrival. We are not responsible for items that are delivered early and not received until later in the evening, so please plan your delivery accordingly so that your order will not spend several hours in a warm or hot environment. You will receive information so that you can track your order.

 3: Fresh Bars that are not refrigerated or frozen within 24 hours of arrival should be checked for signs of spoilage before eating. 

4. Fresh Bar will not ship to a PO Box address.

5. All orders are shipped on Tuesdays/Wednesdays with expedited shipping.  Orders placed on Tuesdays/Wednesdays will be shipped the following week.

Can I freeze Fresh Bar?

Want to stock up or store Fresh Bars for the long-term? Go ahead and freeze them! We recommend freezing for up to 120 days. Allow roughly twenty minutes for Fresh Bar to thaw at room temperature. You can also briefly defrost it in a microwave over ten to twenty seconds.

Can I take Fresh Bar on-the-go?

Yes! Fresh Bar should be stored in the fridge, but it doesn't need to stay there. The bars typically stay good outside of the fridge for three to seven days depending upon ambient conditions. So toss Fresh Bar in a gym bag for a pre- or post-workout snack. Pack it in a school lunch. Take it out on the ski slopes. Wherever you go, Fresh Bar can go, too!

Does Fresh Bar contain eggs?

Fresh Bars do not contain eggs in any form. We make Fresh Bars in an isolated production environment within a larger production facility. Our isolated production area does not contain eggs in any form and such foreign allergens are strictly prevented from entering. However, there are eggs and egg products in use in the larger production facility in which Fresh Bar operates.

Does Fresh Bar contain dairy?

Yes. Fresh Bar contains a small amount of dairy in the form of dry milk and whey protein concentrate.

Does Fresh Bar contain soy?

Four flavors of Fresh Bar – Blueberry Chia, Apple Almond Cinnamon, Cherry Pear Walnut, and Pumpkin Carrot Pecan – are entirely soy-free. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana and Strawberry Chocolate contain a very small amount of soy lecithin within their chocolate chips.