Flavor Features: Meet Apple Almond Cinnamon


Last month, Fresh Bar received a complete makeover. But the change wasn't merely superficial. Redesigned cartons on the outside were paired with freshly-baked bars on the inside. Today, find out what's new with Apple Almond Cinnamon.

The only flavor that's truly brand new in the Fresh Bar assortment, Apple Almond Cinnamon was almost dubbed Almond Apple Pie, because it tastes just like the American classic with an almond crunch. Baked with diced apples, almonds, and a hint of almond extract, the flavor is wholesome and delicious, and the Five Friends' unanimous new favorite (but don't tell the other flavors – they might get jealous).

Apple Almond Cinnamon replaced a flavor with a bit of an identity crisis: Apple Banana Almond Raisin. A hodgepodge of fruits, the flavor was tasty but confused. A holdout from the days when Fresh Bar was known as GüdBar, it was long past time to retire it.

Apple Almond Cinnamon's sumptuous taste comes with Fresh Bar's uniquely soft texture, along with eight grams of protein, four grams of fiber, and twenty grams of whole grains. The natural sugars in each bar have also been reduced compared to the old flavor, from 20 grams to 15 grams. Like all the new Fresh Bars, Apple Almond Cinnamon is both gluten-free and sports a fifty-day shelf life.

If you love apple pie, give Apple Almond Cinnamon a try!

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