Flavor Features: Meet the New Cherry Pear Walnut

Last month, Fresh Bar received a complete makeover. But the change wasn't merely superficial. Redesigned cartons on the outside were paired with freshly-baked bars on the inside. Today, find out what's new with Cherry Pear Walnut!

When Fresh Bar originally launched in Spring of 2013, Cherry Pear Walnut was an entirely new face. A pear-flavored bar? With cherries? And walnuts? What an curious combination! It was one that could only be pulled off by a snack made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Many people were hesitant to try it, but when they did, they were hooked!

The new Cherry Pear Walnut is barely changed from the first, though the cherries are a tad less tart. The flavor retains it's subtle sweetness and refreshing texture, but also features an extended fifty-day shelf life and gluten-free status.

Find Cherry Pear Walnut wherever Fresh Bars are sold, and discover for yourself an entirely distinct flavor unique to a simple, wholesome, refrigerated bar.