Fresh Bar and Video Games: A Match Made in Minneapolis

Mike, Tom, Will, Austin, and I have always nurtured an entrepreneurial drive. Today, we channel that spirit through Fresh Bar, but in the past, it manifested through more, shall we say, nerdier pursuits.

Today, our business has granted us the nickname of “The Five Friends,” but in high school, we were widely known by a different, but no less poetic, moniker: the “Nerd Herd.” Along with a few other members (I say “members,” but the group was hardly official), we attempted to build a fighting robot for the Comedy Central show Battlebots, produced and filmed sketch comedy with copious amounts of cheesy special effects (often lasers and light sabers), and played video games. Lots of video games.

Starcraft was a regular go-to, as was Warcraft III and the original Halo. While now we cooperate to bake more than 1,600 Fresh Bars in under eight hours, then we teamed up to capture the flag, obtain the objective, and become kings of the hill.

It gives us great pleasure to combine our nerdy past with our enterprising present, so we’re elated to announce that we’re doing just that! We’ll be providing Fresh Bars to fuel the hungry gamers attendingGlitchCon this weekend. The two-day event, featuring video game tournaments, informative sessions, and high-profile guests, is put on by Glitch Gaming, the University of Minnesota’s premiere gaming organization. We’d urge you to come, but the event appears to be completely sold out! So stay tuned to Glitch and Fresh Bar‘s Facebook pages for pictures!