Meet June’s Fresh Fan: Amy Kilgour!

Fresh Fans is a monthly feature in which we get to know the people who love Fresh Bar. They answer five fun questions and receive a free T-shirt. Today, we meet Amy Kilgour from “South Minneapple,” Minnesota!

1. If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

To make Fresh Bars magically appear whenever I’m hungry for one!

2. Where is your favorite place to eat Fresh Bar?

It’s a tossup, either in a handstand, mid pull-up, or with a dog on my lap.

3. Bike or drive? Or both?


4. How did you find out about Fresh Bar?

I was on the search for a delicious snack and spotted Fresh Bar at Lunds and Byerly’s. The sun shone through the clouds and lit up the Fresh Bar Box. My life hasn’t been the same, since!

5.  What was the first album you ever bought? Do you still have it?

Oh oh oh oh ohhh. Hangin’ Tough. Sadly not on cassette.

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