Ten of Our Favorite Songs to Play While Baking Fresh Bars

When baking 1,500 Fresh Bars, we can’t always rely on nerdy chit chat (“If you could be any Star Warscharacter who would you be?”), or weighty philosophical discussions (“Would you rather live in theStar Wars or Star Trek universe?”), or heated political debates (“Is technocratic rule in the Galactic Empire preferable to bureaucracy?”) to carry us through the night. Sometimes, we just need to fire up some tunes and keep our noses to the grindstone.

Here are our ten of our favorite songs:

10. “The Star Wars Gangster Rap”

“A Jedi’s gotta do what a Jedi’s gotta do…”

9. Kenny Loggins – “Danger Zone”

Walking into the kitchen sometimes feels like entering a zone… one of danger.

8. Macho Man – Collected Public Addresses

The Five Friends also share a deep fondness for the spoken word and there is no greater master of the art form than “Macho Man” Randy Savage. “Macho’s” thoughtful remarks have alternatively made us laugh and made us laugh very hard. As he so eloquently put: life is “nothing more than a cup of coffee in the big time.” Words to live by.

7.  John Parr – “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)”

None of us is really sure how we fell in love with the theme song to a mediocre coming-of-age moviefrom the 1980’s, but there’s little doubt that John Parr’s soaring vocals lift our spirits “higher and higher.”

6. Eiffel 65 – “Blue”

A timeless throwback from our youth, this song matches the often frenetic atmosphere of the kitchen with wildly repetitive, electric beats. Ironically, we don’t have a blue-colored Fresh Bar carton, but we’re working on it!

5. Enya – “Only Time”

Sometimes it really recharges the crystals just to turn the kitchen lights off on a rainy Spring evening, put on some Enya (or anything off of the Pure Moods) and stare out the window. Enya is bad to the bone and this is her most hardcore track yet.

4. Britney Spears – We can’t decide.

And truthfully, does it really matter which one? They’re all the same incredible.

3. Iggy Azalea – “Work”

Ms. Azalea’s epic story of success in the face of adversity is told with striking gusto and a charisma all her own. Intricately constructed with pulse-pounding beats, layered, thoughtful lyrics, and a chorus that induces all who listen to echo her words and deeds, Work  is a triumph of modern musical storytelling. Iggy, we, too, aspire to “make it past where [we] are from” no matter how many “floors we have to scrub.” Thank you for your stirring example. (Note to our younger Fresh Fans, there’s naughty language in the video below.)

2. Clarence Carter – “Strokin'”

Making love and making bars are like two planets orbiting the same sun. Clarence gets this, and his catchy track Strokin’ both celebrates his favorite hobby and instructs others how to get on his level – truly infotainment at its best. (Again, some risqué language in the video below.)

1. Macho Man – “Perfect Friend”

We all think of each other as the perfect friends.  It’s quite simple, really.