Why We Can’t Stop Listening to Eiffel 65

There’s scarcely a moment in the kitchen when music isn’t playing. For the most part, we’re generalists, everything gets a fair shake. There are, however, certain albums that we find ourselves going back to again and again. One of them is Eiffel 65‘s Europop.

Doesn’t sound familiar? It should.

Yep, it’s the signature album from the band that put out that dastardly repetitive “Blue” song back in 2000. But the album is so much more than its chart-topping single.

There’s “My Console,” basically a love sonnet to the original Playstation and many of its games. There’s “Another Race,” which reminds us that Aliens “can seem to walk on air” and “live around us, but you can’t recognize them.” And there’s “Hyperlink,” which eerily portended online dating using lyrics laced with nerdy innuendo.

“Eiffel 65 to me is a confluence of nostalgia and confusion,” FiveFriendsFood co-owner Austin Hinkle explains. ” Their lyrics are almost completely nonsensical but in the same sense it gives you the opportunity to find your own meaning in it.  It doesn’t beat you over the head with anything but beautiful piercing space noises and nasally vocoded voices. Its true art.”

One of our dreams is to have Eiffel 65 play at a company picnic one day. Since they haven’t enjoyed nearly as much success after their one-off album in 2000, we feel that might actually be a realistic goal in the near-term.