World Cup 2015: Fresh Bar vs. Gerhard’s

MINNEAPOLIS – As the world’s soccer powerhouses clash in the Women’s World Cup semifinals in Montreal this evening, so too do the Twin Cities’ titans of taste: The All-American Fresh Bar and Euro All-Star Gerhard’s.

In partnership with Urban Stars, Five Friends Food and Gerhard’s Brats have agreed to donate product to youth girls soccer programs in Minneapolis, and are staking a friendly bet on the side.

“Well, there’s no way the US is losing to Germany,” said Will Handke, co-founder of Fresh Bar, “but if the unthinkable happens and the sky turns green and the grass turns blue and we are defeated, I’ll personally deliver a selection of our delicious, nutritious bars to the good people of Gerhard’s Brats in addition to the boxes we’re giving to Urban Stars.”

“Hah! You underestimate the potential of the most productive offense in the tournament thus far, Mr. Handke,” explained Song Lee of Gerhard’s Brats, “but, if the Rhine flows backwards and Germany is defeated, I too will personally deliver a selection of our top-quality, fully cooked bratwurst to you and the five friends in addition to the case we’re donating to local youth soccer.”

Truly the ultimate winners in the competition are the young players for the Urban Stars and the nearly 100 volunteer coaches and organizers who support their mission of building positive, productive relationships through sports. After a wary handshake, both Gerhard’s Brats and Fresh Bar agreed that they are honored to see their locally-made products fueling these inspiring athletes.

Follow along with @FiveFriendsFood and @GerhardsBrats as we watch the USA and Germany in the World Cup Semi-finals at 6pm on Fox, and tune in tomorrow for results!