Inside Fresh Bar: The Quest for the Ultimate Carton

Fresh Bar’s new cartons have been on store shelves for just a couple weeks, but the process of designing, refining and producing the new look was seventeen months in the making. Here’s how it all came together.

The search for a design partner began last Spring. Rather than approach a large agency to perform the redesign, we looked for the little guys and gals -- people like us. After browsing dozens of portfolios and setting up many coffee meetings, we settled on a final cut of seven fantastic freelance designers in the Twin Cities. We offered each a paid assignment to submit potential designs and win the opportunity to makeover our line of packaging.

The entries were fantastic, with each designer adding their own unique perspective to our brandFiguring out the best was a choice too difficult for us to make on our own, so we sought out the opinions of nearly one hundred friends and family members. Fueled by their feedback, we launched a vigorous discussion and vote amongst ourselves, narrowing the field down to three.

In the next stage, we asked if the finalists would be willing to tweak their designs based upon the feedback we received. They were kind enough to do so. A couple weeks later, we received the final options.

This time, one stood out. It was unique, friendly, fresh and it should already look a little familiar...

And when we met the architect, Cori Thoennes, we knew she was perfect for the job. Months of collaboration ensued, as Cori crafted four wonderful cartons from scratch. We owe Fresh Bar’s fantastic new look to her!