Fresh Bar for Kids: Q+A with a New Dad

Matt Spies of Minneapolis is a longtime friend and supporter of Fresh Bar. Now a brand new dad, Matt has his hands full with his adorable daughter Cora. We recently connected with Matt to see how Fresh Bar fits into his busy life with Cora! (pictured above enjoying a Pumpkin Carrot Pecan bar)

Hi, Matt! Please introduce yourself and that delightful daughter of yours.
Cora is an energetic 19-month-old who enjoys being chased around the house, singing and dancing, and putting things in her mouth (especially Fresh Bars!). I like to chase her around the house and can often be found sweeping the dining room floor.   

What's important to you when selecting a diet for Cora?
My wife, Julia, and I focus on providing Cora with simple, nutritious foods. Fresh Bar is a go to snack for when we are on the move.   

How did you choose Fresh Bar for yourself?
I choose Fresh Bar because it satisfies my craving for a not-to-sweet mid-morning or afternoon snack. I’ll throw one in my bag in the morning and eat it when it comes to room temperature a couple of hours later. The flavors burst at room temperature.  

How do you choose Fresh Bar for your daughter?
We give Fresh Bars to Cora because it is an easy way to feed her something wholesome when we are on the move or need something fast. Other bars are too hard, too sweet, or too processed. She also gets most of it in her mouth which is not usually the case with cereal. 

What's the most exciting part of being a new dad?
The most exciting part of being a new dad is the immense joy Cora brings to my days. In the morning, Cora is often waiting for us to pick her up with a gigantic, infectious smile and a greeting of “Dadda!”   

OK, so seriously, where on earth does she get that sweet smile from?
Her grandmothers!