Our Wegmans Road Trip: By the Numbers

We have returned! Four tired but happy boys crossed the border back into Minnesota last night after the very first Fresh Bar road trip to Wegmans. We had a great time — allow us to share a a few numbers to help illustrate...

From right after we turned off the ovens on Tuesday afternoon (Feb 9th) 'til well after dark the following Tuesday (Feb 16th) the friends were rolling. Tom and Will took one car along the low road to Maryland and Ross and Austin headed up to Rochester, NY in the other. We stayed in motels, hotels, and even visited some lovely friends along the way (like Tom's sister in Toledo!)

Between the two cars, our friends traveled farther than the distance between Minneapolis, MN and Tokyo, Japan. That's pretty nuts. This number includes dozens of tanks of gas, a couple hundred dollars in turnpike tolls (including a $42.30 doozy from the great state of Pennsylvania) and many hours of podcast listening and windshield wiper flapping through the snow across the mountains of Central Appalachia.

This number breaks down into six stores in Maryland, three in New Jersey, ten in New York, eight in Pennsylvania, and five in Virginia. Each car usually visited four per day — two in the morning and two in the evening. This number should also probably include the 20 lunches and at least a few dinners enjoyed at Wegmans' fantastic cafes.

Who said Minnesotans don't like to talk to strangers? We had well over a hundred hours to chat with the wonderful customers of Wegmans and preach the good Fresh Bar word. To put that time in perspective, If you reckon the toy train that hangs above every Wegmans refrigerated section goes around its loop every two minutes, that's also approximately 3,960 times hearing its whistle blow above our heads. Woo-woo!

On this trip, we confirmed what we all already knew: once you've had one Fresh Bar sample, it's all too easy to have another and another, which is all totally fine given that "Please! Take as many as you want!" was a standard line used throughout the samplings. And speaking of standard lines...

Most of these came from Ross, and all of them were were cherry, cherry bad.

Despite the dorky jokes, at the end of the day, we're pleased to report that 842 boxes of Fresh Bar were picked up by Wegmans shoppers during our sampling events! We love sharing our bar-raising product and are always super honored when a customer welcomes it into their homes. And trust us, there are plenty more boxes of Fresh Bar where that came from to restock the shelves.

Until next time, everyone!