Fresh Bar Announces Limited Edition 2016 Summer Flavors

Spring has sprung and that means summer is just around the corner! 

While daydreaming of playing sports under the sun's warming rays, sipping sour lemonade, and resting lazily on the lake shore sands, our flavor scientists came up with the brilliant idea to concoct a set of limited edition Fresh Bars that capture the essences of everyone's favorite season.

Introducing the Summer 2016 Edition of Fresh Bar!

"Nothing tops the sumptuous smell of fresh tennis balls," Ross Pomeroy said. "We chopped up real tennis balls and racket strings for this flavor, and finished it off with drops of sweat from Roger Federer's sweatbands."

"The texture takes some getting used to," Mike Steffan noted. "But it's worth it for the reduction in skin cancer."

"I've actually been making this flavor for myself for the last two years," Will Handke cheerily stated while chewing on a small twig.

"We dedicate this flavor to Jesse Ventura, who made fireworks legal in our home state of Minnesota," Austin Hinkle remarked.

We're confident these flavors will resonate with customers, and may even lead to winter-inspired flavors like and yellow snow and wrapping paper.

And don't worry, if you can't handle the extreme flavors of summer 2016, all of Fresh Bar's signature flavors that you've come to know and love, like Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana and Pumpkin Carrot Pecan, will be still be available in cooler sections of grocery stores. Find the location nearest you!