Fresh Is For Everyone

Oftentimes, we are asked, "What makes Fresh Bar different?" Our reply is always the same.

"It's fresh!"

But what does that really mean?

More and more, food is manufactured to be convenient for the companies that sell it. Artificial sweeteners, processed ingredients, and wacky preservatives may make products that taste good and have long shelf lives, but ultimately, they benefit the bottom lines of companies, not the health of consumers.

The domineering trend in today's marketplace is to do what is easy. For the past four years, we've done what is hard. We've given up evenings and weekends, sometimes even working 'til two in the morning, to do something that nobody else has done: bake a bar with simple ingredients you know and trust, that's not dried out and loaded with preservatives. Every Fresh Bar is a snack that could easily have been baked in your own kitchen; there's no tricks or gimmicks involved. The journey hasn't always been easy, but it's been worth it.

The term "Fresh" is as traditional as they come, but every year it grows more radical and rare in the food industry. At Five Friends Food, we will always fight to preserve it. Because we believe fresh is for everyone.