Fresh Bar: Now Served Up Single

Since the beginning of Five Friends Food, our bars have never been served up solo. Beginning in a four-pack as GüdBar...

...and continuing in a three-pack as Fresh Bar...

...we've slowly been inching closer and closer to selling our bars single.

In May, we let a few single-serve cases sneak out into the wilds of Minnesota. Today, we're completing the transition everywhere Fresh Bars are sold!

Now, you can buy them individually, say, if you're on-the-go and have a hankering for something tasty and healthy!

Or you can take home an entire box of eight!

They fit wonderfully in your fridge or freezer! Take one out for a quick breakfast or snack!

We think you're going to like the new format of Fresh Bar, with individual packaging as bright and fresh as the bars, themselves. Now, you can mix and match flavors or stock up for the month by purchasing a caddy of eight bars. Check 'em out in the same places you currently buy Fresh Bar!

And the bars don't just look better, we've removed orange juice and apple juice from all of our flavors, making the bars slightly less acidic. At the same time, we added a little more sunflower oil for a richer, smoother flavor.

The changes slightly increased the calorie counts on all of our bars, making them better suited to a quick breakfast or lunch. At the same time, they enhanced Fresh Bar's signature taste and texture, and boosted the refrigerated shelf life to sixty days from fifty days!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new recipe, so send us an email!