How to Make an App-o-Lantern

App-o-lanterns are quick and easy ways to make your own tiny jack-o-lanterns from the other fall fruit: Apples. All you'll need is one apple (the bigger the better), a sharp and narrow knife, and one tea candle. Please do take care when using both knives and fire - even the finest app-o-lantern is not worth getting hurt!


Slice off the bottom

As close as you can get to the bottom of the apple, simply slice off the feet to create one flat surface.


Zig-zag cut a lid

Use a zig-zag cut all around the very top of the apple to create a jack-o-lantern lid. On each zig and zag, try stabbing the knife all the way in, then remove the knife completely to create a deep cut. Once you've gone all the way around and the lid can be lifted off freely, carefully remove the lid and set aside.


Remove the innards

With your knife, begin cutting away the interior of the apple, leaving approximately 1-2 cm of apple material just below the skin. Try creating a hole all the way through the apple from the bottom and pushing the inside through. Once you have a hole that goes all the way through from the top to the bottom of your apple, roll the knife around the inside of the apple removing layers of the inside until you’ve reached your desired thickness.


Carve your face

Using an X-Acto or similar fine detail knife, cut your design into the side of the apple. For cleaner results, make sure your blade goes all the way through so that details can be simply pushed out from the inside. Digging around can create gashes.


Assemble your creation

Fit the lid back on the top of your apple and place the now hollow apple over your tea candle.