Fresh Bar Fan Running 52 Races in 52 Weeks at Age 52

While Tom and Ross were handing out Fresh Bars at the Securian Winter Run, they were lucky enough to meet Fresh Bar fan Tim Pratt. At age fifty-two, Tim is alive and kicking... and running! In fact, he's running fifty-two races in 2017, one for every week. We were inspired by Tim's resolve to run 52 races in 52 weeks, so we asked him to share a little bit of his story!

What inspired you to challenge yourself with 52 races in 52 weeks? Have you done anything like this before?

I have done Team in Training twice. With Team you raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) while training for an athletic event. Just one event though. For instance last year I did Grandma's Marathon. As I was thinking about what I wanted to do in 2017 I thought I could do more. I would be turning 52 in January, 2017 and somehow the idea of doing 52 races in 52 weeks while raising $5,200 for LLS popped into my head. Then I added doing 52 hours of volunteering too.

You started a Twitter hashtag, #BeInspiring. What does it mean to you to "be inspiring?"

I didn't want this to be about me. I wanted it to be about we. There is so much unrest in society. It seems people focus on the negative and forget about all the positive things in the world. I thought in addition to me doing something good, I wanted to inspire others to do something good too. Then they can inspire others to do good too and we can create this ripple effect to spread peace, love and understanding.

Any tips for others who want to follow your example?

I'm doing something big as kind of a publicity stunt if you will. But you don't need to do something big. Every little act of kindness adds up.

What's your favorite Fresh Bar?

I started years ago with Apple Cinnamon, then I switched to Chocolate Banana, but now I'm really loving the Pumpkin Carrot Pecan. I love real pumpkin - not the fake pumpkin spice stuff that shows up each fall.

How does Fresh Bar help you on your 52/52 quest?

After a run I need a quick bite to refuel. Fresh Bar is soft and fresh (well, duh) and tastes like real food - not something processed. I can read the ingredients and recognize everything that's in them.

We'll be following along with Tim during his year-long quest and we hope you will, too!