10 Reasons Why H-E-Buddy is the Coolest Grocery Mascot in America

Long ago when Fresh Bar first reached out to H-E-B, the San Antonio-based grocery chain, we fell in love with the stores sparkle-eyed mascot: a sack of groceries named H-E-Buddy.

We put the Bud's picture up in our office and dreamed of the day that we'd be able to make his acquaintance. Now that we're proud to say that Fresh Bar has launched in a brand new refrigerated case in the granola section of a handful handful of stores in San Antonio, Houston and Austin - we've decided to pay tribute to the little guy who inspired us.

Turns out, when the Budster's not having fun in the aisles of one of H-E-B's 350+ locations, he stays busy helping Texan kids stay strong and healthy. So after careful selection, here's the top ten reasons why H-E-Buddy is the best grocery mascot in America, and why Fresh Bar's proud to now call him our buddy.

1. Move over George Washington, H-E-Buddy has his own currency

4. The dude definitely knows how to handle eggs properly

5. H-E-Buddy even has his own slot machine

6. He's an ace bull-rider in his spare time

7. Plus he can do the worm...

 ... and the wobble

 ... and the Harlem Shake

...and he'll teach you how to dougey with a smile

8. After that, H-E-B happens to be super hero

9. He can literally turn into an anime drawing and beat up the competition whenever he feels like it