... begins many years ago on the streets, soccer fields and in the high school halls of Mankato, Minnesota.

Will and Ross, the ginger twins, lived down the hill from Tom in a neighborhood that was about a 10-minute bike ride from Mike’s house. Austin’s house, woe is he, was across the river in North Mankato, but he was never far away when fun was a’brewing.

The five friends or “nerd herd” as some would call them for their penchant for building robots, making public access TV shows and playing video games all night were fast buddies, even when college scattered the group for a few years. It was after school, when they all happened to move to Minneapolis, that the real Fresh Bar story began.



During college at the University of Wisconsin, Ross worked as a personal trainer. Sick and tired of snacking on the assortment of crumbly or chewy granola lumps available in stores, he began to experiment with a few homespun recipes.

Was there a better way to make a bar that had all the nutritional value AND didn’t taste and like it came from a cold war ration pack?

After graduating, Ross harnessed his twin power to call his brother Will, and the identical duo set about perfecting Ross' recipe. Together, they baked the first Fresh Bar – loaded with delicious fruits, nuts and oats – that’s still at the core of Fresh Bar, today. With the first bite, the boys knew they’d hit on something special.

With the whole gang now living in Minneapolis, the twins joined up with Austin, Mike, and Tom, rented space at a community kitchen, and began selling their discovery to the good people of Minnesota under the name “GüdBar.” (Yes, that's a umlaut over the "u".)

GüdBar had one flavor - Apple Banana Almond Raisin - and came in a no-nonsense black and white box. Starting out in a few Twin Cities co-ops, the brand eventually expanded into larger chains like Kowalski's, Lunds and Byerlys, and Whole Foods Market.

The friends were on a güd roll, that is until a certain sugary chocolate bar felt the GüdBar name cramped their style. After a period of soul searching, the five friends decided to drop the umlaut and yell out loud what made our bars unique and special - "the taste is fresh, the concept is fresh, so let’s call it a Fresh Bar!" one of the friends yelled, though no one can quite remember who.


Since then, Ross, Tom, Austin, Mike, and Will have bolstered Fresh Bar with three new delicious flavors, expanded their production capabilities, refined the recipe, and are now delivering delicious, one-of-a-kind snacks to more happy customers than ever before!

What was once just a local treat is now in 100+ stores and continues to flourish.

Everyone knows fresh is best, now let's show that fresh is for everyone too!