Fresh Bar was created by a pair of Minnesota twins, Will Handke and Ross Pomeroy (yes, different last names), who share a huge passion for healthy eating. In 2011, they began to wonder why there were so few good nutrition bars to choose from and why they all had to be served dry and come loaded with tasteless preservatives. Will and Ross were upset, but instead of throwing their hands up in disgust, they threw on their oven mitts and got to work.

The result of their effort is Fresh Bar. Will and Ross’s goal was to make a bar with natural, whole ingredients, that tastes great, is healthy, and maintains its straight-out-of-the-oven texture. They believe that Fresh Bar has accomplished this goal and they’d love for you to give them a chance to prove it!

In 2012, Will and Ross were joined by three of their childhood friends, Austin Hinkle, Mike Steffan and Tom Johnson.


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